Succession Planning FAQs and Additional Resources

As a business leader, you have questions about maximizing your company’s value and succession planning. We have answers tailored to your healthcare business.

Resources & Important Information

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The Freedom Point
Calculate Your Freedom Point

Confidentially discover your Freedom Point and see if the sale of your company will generate enough income to fund the rest of your life.

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Fishing for Value eBook
Fishing for Value, A Proactive Exit Strategy

Fishing for Value ebook helps bridge the knowledge gap for exit planning advisor clients who are considering transition. Download now.

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Healthcare business evaluation
Healthcare Business Valuation – What You Need to Know

Getting a professional healthcare business valuation is critical to getting the most profit from the sale of your business. Find out how to maximize your profits.

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Business Succession Planning: 5 Ways to Transfer Ownership of Your Healthcare Business

Business succession planning and planning for transfer of ownership of your healthcare business can be complicated. Knowing your options can help.

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Steps to Successful Succession Planning
7 Steps to Successful Succession Planning

Successful succession planning takes time, and yes, planning. Today we go over some of the steps to help you develop a plan of your own.

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When it comes time to sell your healthcare business, there are two ways of calculating profitability. EBITDA and SDE. Learn more to see which is best for you.

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8-ways to re-invent yourself in a crisis
8 Ways to Reinvent Yourself in a Crisis

Emerge From a Crisis With a More Durable, Valuable Company. Leverage your market via social media, build clientele while combating isolation.

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The Exit Checklist
The Exit Planning Checklist

A 5-Step Personal Action Plan for a Happy (And Lucrative) Exit From Your Business. Are you ready to sell your business?

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The Freedom Point: A Financial Planning Guide for Business Owners.
A Financial Planning Guide for Business Owners

This eBook offers a simple methodology you can apply to reach financial independence. You may be closer to a carefree life than you think.

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