Your time is valuable.

We believe your time is valuable.  Implementing systems that work is the key to efficient and effective allocation of your time.

Your business should operate like a well oiled machine with or without you there. To get there requires true leadership. True leaders inspire others to inspire others.  We believe business success starts with cultivating a culture in your office that everyone buys into and adopts.

This culture must be based on your Mission, Vision, and Core Values.  You and your entire team should breathe it all day, every day.  Operating in this environment, as a true leader, will free you from “putting out fires” on a day-to-day basis. Operating in this type of environment will prevent those fires.  Let us help you get there by creating systems for your business and providing the tools you need for success.

Executive Coaching | Advisory

JR3 Consulting Group provides you with time tested strategies to keep you and your business operating efficiently. Let us help you avoid mistakes that are commonly made. With our Value Acceleration Methodology you will learn that the intangible assets of your business are just as important as the tangible assets of your business. Intangible assets are the sum of your company’s intellectual capital, which is divided into four categories: Human, Customer, Structural, and Social. We call these the Four Capitals, or the Four C’s.

State Specific Licensure / Policies & Procedures

Whether you are a start up agency or seasoned industry veteran, having the proper policies and procedures in place for your organization is vital to the delivery of quality care. Here you will find all you need to provide the best care through industry policies and procedures for your company to follow. Creating systems ensures operational success!

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Business Operations | Legal Support | Value Acceleration

JR3 Consulting Group is totally committed to the growth of your business. We offer protection strategies and compliance monitoring programs to ensure the success of your business. We partner with other professionals in the Accounting, Wealth Management, Business Law and Insurance industries to offer you complete support.

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Health Care Professionals are in the relationship business.

We all know that as Health Care Providers, we are in the relationship business and focus on creating healthy referral relationships.  Which is very important. However, cultivating these strong relationships are just as vital to the internal side of your business as well…yes, we are talking about your operations.

Every person in each department within your business is very important to your bottom line. Their job roles relate to one another. If one department is not strong it will effect the others and this is where you experience system failures. Without strong culture, structure and systems in place your agency suffers and your business value drops significantly.

Let us help you understand all aspects of the your business the Internal Qualitative Value Factors and the External Qualitative Value Factors to drive the value of your business up. Focusing on your business value will position your business for a higher success rate of exit plans, higher transaction prices, reduce estimated value gaps, create new revenue streams, create deeper client relationships, increase client referrals, and create a long-term pipeline of visibility. Through our methodology we create systems for you to follow and coach you through that process every step of the way to reach success levels you have only imagined.

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