“The Money Gene” Do you have it?

The beautiful thing about the work we do is that we have access to an advanced human assessment technology that allows us to see just how much energy it’s going to take for someone to be financially successful. Curiously enough, many people require a partnership or a team to achieve success, where others are a one man show. Most prosperity workshops subscribe to the team concept simply because it provides a no fail outcome if suggestions are followed. Unfortunately, for the individual that comes in with the “Money Gene”, he or she may find themselves less patient with team members. They actually do better on their own when it comes to attracting opportunity and financial affluence. They typically need a crew versus a team. And even then, a certain distance must be maintained between them and their support crew. There is a huge difference between a crew and a team. A team often shares in the decision-making processes, serves as a face or authority of the services or products and often holds stocks or shares in the company. A crew however, volunteers, sets up events, greets new clients and performs as a tertiary service provider in contributing to a cause or an individual’s platform.  Prosperity workshops are frequently conducted by people who came in with the “Money Gene”. They naturally attract financial opportunity. Their sights on success are amplified and fortified circuitously, thus the role they play in this lifetime is to be a role model. Additionally, they came in with a natural pre-disposition for showmanship. They know how to captivate an audience in sharing their wisdom and staying on purpose. If all of us were to try and step into their shoes and mimic their business model, many of us would fail or collapse from exhaustion. This is why they teach and educate others about the importance of forming a team. These experts know innately that we are all unique and many of us do not have an easy access to the “Money Gene”. Hence, listening to their suggestions can help since they came in with the gift of monetary discernment. We are all as unique as our thumb print. Meaning, we may have a less defined money gene but we may be a genius whose idea needs the right partner… a partner with the “Money Gene”. The image above illustrates a question mark. This question mark revealed is the "Money Gene"?

Some people have it all, the idea, the network and the strategy. Others need a team to address success. In my organization, I am the idea person and my team of advisors help to guide and direct the success and integrity of our technology and services. So, how do we know if you have the Money Gene? Much like we know that a Lamborghini shouldn’t go off-roading in the desert, we know that prosperity requires a specific climate or environment in which to thrive. Physical law allows us to see that first hand and quantifying physical law through testing, as it relates to human nature, gives us a statistical image of where that individual is on the spectrum of attracting and manifesting financial wealth. I like to compare us to a computer and say that some of us come in with Microsoft Money Works, QuickBooks and Excel on our desktop while others are blessed with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and IMovie. One is not less gifted than the other, however one is more likely to attract financial success. Each needs the other to some degree. In the case of today's successful prosperity leaders , they create a crew of volunteers and compensate them well with opportunities to gain wisdom in accessing prosperity in a more energy efficient manner. Additionally, these individuals are revitalized in being of service. Money experts gain energy sharing the principles behind making money. Doing what gives us energy and finding a place for refueling facilitates a fabrication of life support for all. When we lose energy, we become less attractive. Our magnetic appeal wanes. What if workshop participants knew if they had the “Money Gene”? What if participants knew that they didn’t? These individuals, captured in a workshop environment, could find each other effortlessly… they are in the same room, attending the same event! If they KNEW what, where and how their gifts were intended to contribute to this lifetime they could be directed towards one another. They could find each other and align themselves.

I know many of you are wondering if you have the “Money Gene”. The answer is, Yes, many of you do but knowing how to open up the program and master its application takes practice. If you have it, you don’t have to learn it. You just need to take action and start practicing. When we practice something often it becomes second nature and when something comes naturally, we gain energy versus losing it. Again, this makes us more and more attractive, magnetic and dynamic. On a side note, the difference between our technology and the other psychometrics on the market is that it is Dynamic versus Static, meaning it is ALIVE. We as human beings are alive and living the life we are meant to live requires self-mastery. Get to know yourself well. Who knows? You may have the “Money Gene”!

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