Going Sideways

I learn so much from my clients. Especially those that feel a sense of losing themselves. There is a significant stage of life when we all have the feeling that life is squeezing us too hard and we get the sense that we are losing ourselves in some way or another. This feeling simply means someone has lost direction and their onboard GPS system has been traumatized. Our bodies are like vehicles transporting our thoughts around in this lifetime. Keeping everything in check adds to our already long list of daily responsibilities. So few of us make time for righting our ship or maintaining our vitality and clarity. We grab a power bar on the way to a meeting and expect it to serve as dinner. We stay too long at a networking event knowing that chores still await when we get home delaying our need to get to bed at a decent hour. Once our head hits the pillow, our legs start to cramp, our minds start to race and we find ourselves watching TV run away with our need for sleep and cellular repair. This kind of derailment eventually spills over into the day ahead, the month ahead and finally we are coming from a place of weakness versus strength. We lose that magnetic appeal we once had and friends, family and colleagues begin to judge us. This is usually the general pattern as nature, as it relates to animals and humans, frequently feeds off of the weak. Some of us react and lash out harshly both verbally or physically while others quietly disappear emotionally into a safe place. Remaining strong is essential if we are to stay on course.

Going Sideways happens to everyone. There is not a single human on the planet that doesn't experience some degree of disappointment on a daily basis. However, small disappointments may not send you sideways but encounter enough of them in one day and you may start to lose your balance. Now if we focus on these disappointments every week, well...Houston we have a problem. When this happens you need to have a tether. A tether is a person or an activity that restores you to center. Once you speak with your confidant or perform your activity to give you authentic strength, the sense of imbalance begins to subside and literally circumstances begin to fade from your consciousness returning you to your stronger self.

Often we find ourselves bombarded by tragic events in our lifetimes. Situations like infidelity, addiction, being audited, evicted, a victim of identity theft, fired, falsely accused of something, the list goes on and all these events could easily send you sideways. Address things as they occur rather than waiting for them to accumulate and manifest. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is not just something that occurs under scary or severe circumstances. It can easily present itself as a compounding series of events that leave you immobilized and afraid to go on. If left untreated, physical symptoms such as insomnia, migraines or nightmares can occur. Taking care of our performance requires daily maintenance. Here are a few suggestions. They aren't new but have stood the test of time for a reason:

  1. Eat Right
  2. Get Plenty of Rest
  3. Exercise
  4. Pick your friends wisely
  5. Do what you love
  6. Afford yourself time to recover
  7. Be of Service
  8. Ask for help

You know that saying, there is light at the end of the tunnel? Well, YOU are the light and the tunnel is an illusion.

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