7 Signs of Burnout & How to Revive

You know the saying:

"Love what you do and you'll never work a day of your life."

Well, I totally agree. But, what if what you once loved isn't cutting it anymore. People change we evolve, we get tired and become overworked. You want to spend time with your family but to tired to even muster an engaging conversation. Sound familiar?

I cringe when I hear entrepreneurs wear exhaustion like a badge of honor. There's no honor in self-abuse, and you don't get points for spreading yourself so thin that you're reduced to eating oreos and wine sipping to Housewives every night because you can't sleep.

As any good high school dance chaperone would say, you gotta put a balloon in between you and your slow-dance-partner-of-a-business to leave room for the holy ghost.

You are in control of what is going on around you. Identify the issue and then work to make changes.

7 signs of burnout

1. Things that would normally be fun are just another thing to cross off your to do list.

2. You sit down to do something that you'd normally do in 20 minutes and it takes you 60.

3. You're fresh out of ideas.

4. You just. Don't. Want. To. Keep your commitments.

5. You daydream in the middle of your day about a walking out of that office, straight to the airport for a one way ticket to a deserted island....does that even exist?

6. You (mentally or verbally) lash out people who make requests of you.

7. You have a negative physical reaction to the thought of doing certain tasks.

If you identified with 3 or more of the above statements, you may be experiencing burn out. While it might not be possible to hit that deserted island this afternoon, there are a few things you can do to give yourself a break.

7 simple ways to revive

1. Say no to any new commitments for one month.

2. Schedule a vacation in the future so you have something to look forward to. Even a mini one.

3. Talk to with someone who gets it. Let it out.

4. Take time to pamper yourself for a day.

5. Eat your favorite meal - order in.

6. Declare one night, one day, one weekend totally off-limits from any work-related activity.

7. Unplug for an afternoon. No gadgets, no screens.

If you can run a small empire, surely you can run a small self-preservation campaign.

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