10 Secrets to Work Smarter Not Harder

  1. Keep your to-do-lists lean and mean.
The problem with these out-of-control to-do-lists is that they're overwhelming and prevent you from being productive. That's because you're multitasking and directing your energy to unimportant tasks and activities. Keep your list lean and focus on the top 3 to 5 most important tasks to complete each day.
2. Allocate time to batch emails.
Schedule time to check emails. Morning and night before your day begins and after it ends. This will allow less of a chance of getting “side tracked” in the middle of your work day. This will also let others know the general time they could expect a response from you.
3. Organize and reduce your desk clutter.
An organized desk and work space will allow ease of finding important items to perform your work duties. When you are lost in the weeds of an unorganized desk your time is used less efficiently and you just cause yourself undue stress.
4. Create a morning routine.
Plan your work day in advance. Have a set morning routine this way you can tackle the day well prepared.
5. Ditch perfection...it doesn’t exist.
Enough said. You cannot carry the world on your shoulders each day all day . Do your best and let that be good enough.
6. Track your progress each day.
Monitor your progress each day. Make adjustments where you feel you need to in order to efficiently get the outcome you desire. Keep adjusting until you get it down.
7. Stop caring about what others think.
This causes undue worry, stress and wasted time. You cannot please everyone. Accept it and move on.
8. Communicate your needs and expect the same in return.
Communicate your wants, needs and desires and expect and encourage the same in return. You will find it will save you a lot of wasted energy.
9. Keep it simple.
Don’t over complicate things. Figure out solutions in the simplest most effective form for the outcome you want most. Systems do not need to be complicated as long as you get the result you desire you win!

10. Delegate! Delegate! Delegate!
Trust those around you to get things done. Delegate tasks that are lower on your priority list to others. You will find things will get done in twice the time and you will feel wonderful crossing off those lower priority items off your list.

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